Guaranteed Hair Transplantation



with FUE technique

and DHI implantation

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  • > Results guaranteed in writing
  • > Diagnosis and medical design done by the doctor
  • > Electrocardiogram and blood test
  • > No interest-financing
  • > Special surgery room for capillary surgery
  • > Trasplante Capilar en Madrid con Implantación DHI
  • > Post-surgery pack
  • > All the medical treatments are included
  • > Seguimiento hasta el alta del paciente
  • > After-surgery wash-up
  • > 24/7 emergency phone



Implantación DHI

Surgery done by Espinosa Custodio MD, FUE extraction and DHI implantation.

Resultados Garantizados con implantación DHI

• Results guaranteed. Fast recovery, with no scars or bald spots.

Cirugía indolora FUE

Pain-free procedure, with local anesthesia and the best medical tools.

What is a hair transplantation

Trasplante capilar madrid

The hair transplantation is a pain-free intervention to redistribute the hair on the head. Mr. Espinosa Custodio MD extracts in his capillary clinic in Madrid  the hair from the occipital zone to implement it on the recipient area. The hair will grow again completely naturally with a hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is a buzzing proccedure for its excellent results. The number of capillary clinics is growing and they all want to fight androgenetic alopecia. For that reason, it is more important than ever to choose wisely the capillary surgeon for your case.

How do we do a hair transplantation

If you have ever thought about the capillary medecine, as the intradermic treatments, the mesotherapy or the PRF, and you have chosen the hair transplantation istead, you may be thinking how does Espinosa Custodio do this procedure.

A hair transplantation has two phases:

  • • EXTRACTION PHASE: First we extract the grafts from the donor area. THis can be done with the FUE technique or the FUSS technique.
  • • IMPLANTATION PHASE: We implant the grafts using the DHI technique or Direct Hair Implantation.

injerto capilar madrid

Why choosing a hair transplantation in Madrid

The low cost clinics can be dangerous for your capillary procedure. Our aesthetic clinic is a safe and high-reputed place where we perform many surgeries in our surgery room. In your first visit to Espinosa Custodio MD you can see our whole clinic and all the medical instrument that we use.

At Instituto Médico del Prado, capillary clinic in Madrid, we also perform hair transplantation mini-sessions. These are suitable for patients who want to try the technique or for those patients who do not need many grafts.

FUE and FUSS techniques, in a few words

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique consists of extracting the follicular units from high capillary density areas. We do it in our surgery room with a circular scalpel, called punch, from 0.7 to 0.9 millimeters in diameter. Espinosa Custodio MD performs this surgery, that leaves no scars nor bold spots.

The Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) consists of taking a strip of skin from the occipital zone. Then, the surgery team observes the follicular units with a Mantis microscope to take all the grafts. In the FUSS technique, the patients can develop a little scar, that will be hidden by the own hair.Microinjerto pelo

The DHI technique, in a few words

The Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique is the most updated and safe technique of capillary medicine. Its results are 100 % natural because the doctor implants each graft individually, hair by hair. This way, the capillary surgeon can decide the angle, the depth and the direction of each follicular unit. In the last phase, there are no more incisions: all the follicular units are implanted with a device called implanter. The implanters do the incisions and put the hair at the same time.

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Hair transplantation surgery itinerary


diagnóstico trasplantes capilares

Everything starts with a CORRECT diagnosis by Espinosa Custodio MD. This is the key of a succesful hair transplantation.


The patients get some simple instructions before the surgery, as well as the pills needed.
We also perform a complet blood test and an electrocardiogram.


The patient arrives at the clinic after a light breakfast with no coffee.
The day starts early in order to prepare the surgery room.


Mr. Espinosa Custodio MD designs the hair transplantation with the patient, mixing their desires with the possibilities and the projections of the future growinf of the hair. Then, we shave the hair in order to have the best conditions for the intervention.

Fase de extracción

We obtain the follicular units from the donor area, using FUE or FUSS techniques. This phase lasts from 1 to 5 hours, depending on the number of grafts and the dimensions of the donor area.

Selección de folículos

After the extraction, the surgery staff classify the follicular units from one graft to four or more follicular units, and they count all of them.

Conservación de los foliculos

The extracted follicular units are kept at low temperatures in a special liquid.
This is essential for guaranteeing the follicles viability.

Implantación de foliculos

The surgeon implants carefully in the recept area all the follicles extracted.
This phase lasts from 2 to 4 hours.

Pack de restauración

After the procedure, we remember the patient what he or she has to do on the following days. We also give them a capillary restoration pack.


72 hours after the intervention, Espinosa Custodio MD sees the patient to check that everything is going well and the first wash-up is done.





PRP capilar


Mesoterapia capilar


Trasplante de barba



The FUE technique, Follicular Unit Extraction technique, consists of extracting follicular units from high-capillary density areas, the so-called donor areas. This is done with a circular scalpel, a punch, from 0.7 to 0.9 milimmeters. This is the diameter of the follicular units.
The knowledge and expertise of the surgeon are key while performing this technique. The benefits of FUE technique are the lack of scars, because the surgeon extracts randomly the grafts so the loss of density is minimal. However, the surgeon must determine if the patient is suitable for FUE technique.

Técnica FUE


The FUSS technique, Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, consists of the extraction of a strip of skin of the neck of the patient. This strip sizes from 1 to 3 centimeters width and 15 to 20 centimeters length. Later, all the follicular units are extracted with a specific medical tools and a Mantis microscope. It leaves a scar, but that will be hidden with the hair.
This procedure leaves a little scar that is hidden with the own hair..

Técnica FUSS



DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation. It is the most updated and the safest hair implantation procedure. Besides, the results look always natural.
Using the DHI technique, the follicular units are implanted one by one, directly on the receipt area. The surgeon can choose direction, angle and depth of each graft, using the toolf of the DHI: the implanter. A little device that makes the incision and the implantation at the same time with 100% natural results and no risks.


Increasing the strength of the hair implanted by reducing the time that the follicular units are out of the head. Also, there is no need for incisions using DHI.
The implanters are the equipment that we use in DHI. These are little injections with tiny needles that hold the grafts. They are of different sizes, depending on the width of the follicular units.

Paso 1 ImplantaciónPaso 2 Implantación con técnica DHIPaso 3 Implantación con técnica DHI

Ventajas de la técnica DHI

  • > Innovative procedure, with 100% natural results and completely made by the doctor.
  • > Total control of the angle and depth of the implantation. The doctor chooses the angle of the grafts, creating a completely natural look.
  • > Higher survival rate of the tissue.
  • > We can have a denser hair transplantation. With DHI, we can get up to 90 follicular units per square-centimeter. Without it, the maximum is 60 follicular units per square-centimeter.
  • > There are no holes or scars on the receptor area.
  • > The previous hair do not suffer.
  • > There is less bleeding, a faster cicatrization and no scars.
  • > The follicular units damage is reduced. From 90 to 95% of the follicular units survive.



Does the FUE technique leave scars or marks?
We use circular micro scalpels for the extraction. Their diameter goes from 0.7 millimeters to 0.9 millimeters and their tip is empty.
These scalpels leave tiny holes that will cicatrize after 7 days. Then, they are completely imperceptibles.
What shall I do before the intervention?
Shall I shave my head before the hair transplantation?
Can we avoid the shaving?
How long is a FUE intervention?
What are the phases of the FUE technique?
What shall I expect from the recovery of this intervention?
When will I see the final look of the transplant?
When should we use the FUE technique?


Does the intervention leave a scar?
Is the recovery as fast as with FUE technique?
When is the FUSS technique recommended?


What is the best moment to get a hair transplantation?
What is the best technique?
What is FUE?
What is the hair transplantation like?
Does this intervention carry any risk?
What shall I do after the procedure?
Does the implanted hair fall?
When do we see the results?
What can we do to accelerate the growing of the hair?
What vitamins are helpful to the hair?
How can I take care of my hair naturally?
How do we do the capillary diagnosis?
Is there any chance of failure in my hair transplantation?
Does the hair on the donor area recovers?


Classes II and IIa

5,000 €

Class III

5,500 €

Classes IIIa and IIIvertex

6,500 €

Classes IV and IVa

7,500 €

Classes V y Va

10,000 €


500 € / 100 grafts

1.000 € / 200 grafts

precios trasplante madrid

trasplante madrid precio

What is included in our price?

  • > Capillary diagnosis by Dr. Espinosa Custodio
  • > Hair transplantation surgery with FUE and DHI techniques
  • > Warranty of results (check conditions)
  • > No interests financing
  • > Pre-surgery procedure with an electrocardiogram
  • > Blood work
  • > Follow-up sessions for a year
  • > All the PRP and mesotherapy treatmentes needed
  • > Post-surgery utilities pack
  • > All the wash-ups needed
  • > Scabs removing
  • > Photos of your evolution
  • > 24/7 available phone number

In Instituto Médico del Prado we do your hair transplantation… and much more than that. The hair transplantation is a great experience to obtain the best version of yourself. For that reason, Espinosa Custodio MD guarantees its results. This is the way for us to exceed your expectations.

Espinosa Custodio MD usually implants from 2,200 to 2,400 grafts per session and no more. This condition is part of our excellency protocol and a must for not breaking any follicular unit. This way, all the grafts are implanted correctly and we have more time to choose the direction, depth and position of each one of them.

The beginning of the hair transplantation is the trichological diagnosis. Espinosa Custodio MD starts your clinical history and states your diagnosis. This way, he determines if you are a suitable candidate for transplantation.

If you are, we will perform a trichological analysis of your donor area to determine how many grafts can we transplant. We will also do your design to obtain natural results. This trichological report costs 70 euros (50 if it is performed via online). This sum is always discounted of all of our treatments. Furthermore, we will make a blood test and a an electrocardiogram to evaluate your health.

Interest-free financing

If your hair needs to be treated before the surgery, in order to be healthier and stronger, we will do them in our private clinic in Madrid. This is something normal, it is a part of the capillary implant process and, of course, they are included in the price.

Espinosa Custodio MD performs all the transplantations at Instituto Médico del Prado. With the help of the clinical staff, he is the only responsible for all the incisions during the procedure (which is mandatory in Spain). Not only in extraction, but also during implantation. Our transplantations are done with FUE and DHI techniques, the most developed and complicated ones, and we never reuse the surgery tools.

After the transplantation, we do all the necessary wash-ups to take care of your hair. We also take out the scabs some days later. In addition, we give you a capillary restoration pack, which includes everything you need for taking care of your hair: thermal water for the receipt area, a regenerating cream for the donor area, and a cervical pillow to sleep well. We also provide the first doses of the oral medication and the tools for a good capillary clean. And remember that you have available a 24/7 emergency phone.

The next months are as important as the surgery itself. With no adequate clinical follow-up, treatments or oral medication, the results will be disappointing. For this reason, the doctor will see you, at least, once per month, and we will perform all the necessary treatments. It is also possible that we will perform another blood test. All this is included in your price, except for the follow-up oral medication..

Through all this process, we will take photographs for analyzing deeply your evolution. At the end, we will offer you a photo montage to see correctly the final result of your visit to Instituto Médico del Prado.

The minissesions are specially designed for those patient that:

> Do not want to shave their head (nor in the donor area nor the receipt area).

> Want their transplantation to go unnoticed.

> Want a gradual change on their look.

> Do not have much time and want to go back to normal almost inmediately.

> Want to try a short session before accepting a complete surgery.



We tell you in this section the main recommendations for before and after this procedure. The recommendations are in chronological order, and they will help you in all the processes of the hair transplantation.




The estimated duration is from 7 to 12 hours. It is a precise and delicate intervention, so you will have to be patient. Try not to move; if you need to do so, please, tell the surgeon first. If you feel some pain, keep calm and say it to the surgeon.


«The team of the Instituto Médico del Prado is top on giving an exclusive, precise, and customized service for each of our patients. Our goal is to obtain optimal and totally natural results.»


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