At Instituto Médico del Prado we are starting up a new hair transplant training program. Dr. Espinosa Custodio will mentor this initiative for licensed physicians. The target is their own practical training.

Training programs will be from one to two weeks long. During this program, the attendant will learn FUE technique for follicle extraction and DHI technique for follicle implantation. These are the specialties Doctor Espinosa Custodio works with.

The potential candidate will be selected by Dr. Espinosa Custodio. He will focus on the physician developing skills and knowledge to carry out a hair transplant fully.

Dr Espinosa Custodio

Observation Program

The studying physician will be always present in every procedure carried out by Dr. Espinosa. This includes from the first diagnosis visit to the own surgical intervention. They will also attend to the treatments carried out, such as PRPs or hair mesotherapies. They will even get to know the way of making postsurgical washings or removing scabs.

Both the doctor and his team will be available to answer any doubt or queries you may have.

The program can last one or two weeks.

Practical hair transplant training program

In the practical program, the physician’s capabilities will develop best. Always supervised by Dr. Espinosa, the assisting physician will have the opportunity to take part in a case. Will be able to carry put extractions and implantations of some follicle units.

The program can last one or two weeks.


If you’re interested in these hair transplant training options for your future, please send an email stating your case to the clinic’s director, Isidoro Sánchez. He will provide you with all the necessary information so you can get all details about our training programs.

Isidoro Sánchez’s email:

«El equipo de profesionales del Instituto Médico del Prado está especializado en dar un servicio exclusivo, honesto, de alta precisión y personalizado a la situación de cada paciente con el fin de obtener resultados óptimos y totalmente naturales».


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