The beard transplant

beard transplant

The beard transplant is extremely effective at a lower price than the regular hair transplantation.

The beard is fashionable, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a good beard naturally. Luckily, this situation can be solved with a beard transplant.

The beard transplant is a procedure very similar to the hair transplantation: it is safe, effective and with permanent results. Furthermore, the beard transplant has some advantages: it is quicker, it has an easier post-surgery procedure and it is a bit cheaper.

How do we do it

The first fundamental step to perform a beard transplant is to get a good capillary diagnosis. This is true for the beard transplant and for the regular hair transplantation.

In this first diagnosis, the doctor responsible of your surgery must study your hair, preferably with a trichological dermatoscope. This way, they will determine if you are a suitable candidate for the beard transplant, as well as if some treatments are needed in order to prepare your hair for this procedure.

The beard transplant surgery is simple, but very exhaustive, and it usually lasts for more than four hours. In the first phase, the doctor extracts the follicular units from the donor area: the cervical region. This hair is genetically designed to not fall down, so it will not do that even if there is alopecia in your beard.

In the second phase, we implant the grafts on the beard. At this moment the surgeon must show his or her expertise and knowledge, because they will choose the position, the depth and the angle of each one of the grafts. This will be critical for the final result.

24 or 48 hours after the surgery, we must wash the hair. 3 weeks later, we have to take the scabs out. Additionally, it is very important to perform capillary medicine treatments on a regular basis to make your hair look wider, healthier and brighter.

The results

After one or two months, the implanted hair will fall, as in the regular hair transplantations. This phenomenon is called shock loss and it is completely normal. It means that the surgery is working, that the hair has suffered a big shock and falls, but its base is still there and the hair will grow up again.

When the shock loss is over, from 3 to 4 months later, the hair grows again naturally and according to one’s rhythm. 12 to 18 months after the surgery the results of the beard transplant are final.

At Instituto Médico del Prado we have higher standards both for hair and beard transplantations. We have a results warranty so, if your beard transplant is not satisfactory, we perform a free second surgery.

The price

The price of the beard transplant depends on the surgeon expertise, his/her knowledge and the human resources employed. A beard transplantation is very demanding, only 1-hair grafts can be used and anestesia must be given from inch to inch.

Consequently, the price of a beard transplant is about 4000 €. In our case, this price includes the diagnosis with Dr. Espinosa, the previous and subsequent capillary treatments (which can be last for a year), the warranty of results, the interest-free financing, the capillary restoration pack, the post-surgery wash-up and the taking out of the crusts.

If you want customized information about your beard transplant, you can schedule a meeting with Dr. Espinosa Custodio. We will be delighted to attend you.

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