Beard transplant in Madrid

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Beard transplant has great results with lower total prices than the usual hair transplant.

Breard is trendy

The bearded man is in vogue. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have a thick and uniform beard as standard. Luckily, this has a solution with beard transplants..

Beard transplant is an intervention very similar to hair grafting: it is safe, effective and with permanent results. In addition, the beard transplant has some advantages over the hair implant: the intervention is faster and the postoperative, simpler.

How is beard transplant done?

The first fundamental step to carry out a beard transplant is to have a good hair diagnosis. This is true for both the beard implant and the regular hair implant.

In this first diagnosis, the doctor responsible for the surgery should examine the hair, preferably with a trichological dermatoscope. This will determine your suitability as a hair transplant candidate, as well as whether hair medicine treatments are necessary to prepare the hair.

Beard transplant surgery is simple but very meticulous, which is why it usually takes more than four hours. In a first phase, the necessary follicular units are extracted from the donor area: the cervical area. This hair is genetically designed not to fall out, so it will not fall out even if there is alopecia in the beard.

In a second phase, the follicles are implanted in the beard. This is where the surgeon must show his experience and talent, since he will decide the position, depth and angle of each of the hairs. It will depend on this that the result is natural.

After surgery, a washing should be carried out 24 or 48 hours later, as well as the removal of the scabs about three weeks later. In the same way, it is very important to carry out hair medicine treatments regularly so that the hair looks thicker, brighter and healthier, such as PRP or hair mesotherapy.


About a month or two after the beard transplant, the implanted hair will fall out, just like with regular hair transplants. This phenomenon is called the ‘desert’ phase or shock loss and is completely normal. It means that the surgery is working, that the implanted hair has suffered stress and falls out, but that its base is still there and that it will grow back.

When the shock loss phase ends, about 3 or 4 months after surgery, the hair grows naturally and does so at the pace of each patient. One year after the surgery (and, in some cases, 18 months later) the definitive results of the beard transplant can be seen.

At the Prado Medical Institute we follow the same policy with our beard transplants as with hair transplants. We have a guarantee of results through which, in the event that the result of the beard transplant is not satisfactory, we perform a second, shorter surgery.

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Price of beard transplant in Madrid

The price of a beard graft depends on the experience of the surgeon, his expertise and that of his human team. A beard transplant is more laborious than a hair transplant, since only follicular units can be taken with one follicle and anesthesia must be administered to each square centimeter.

Consequently, the price of a beard transplant is from 5 euros per follicular unit. In our case, this amount includes the consultation with Dr. Espinosa, the previous and subsequent treatments (they can be extended up to a year), the guarantee of results, interest-free financing, the hair restoration pack, the postoperative washing and the removal of the scabs.


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