We take into consideration where our patients come from at Instituto Médico del Prado . Carrying out a hair transplant in Spain is becoming more popular every day. The guarantees the Spanish healthcare offers, demanding certifications and sanitary measures, always endorse the wellbeing and patient care. . Measures that Doctor Espinosa Custodio and his team accomplish and, they even increase. Patients coming from abroad will be totally safe at our hair clinic in Madrid.

Choosing Madrid for a hair transplant is the first good decision you can take. Apart from health guarantees for a hair transplant surgery, Madrid offers many benefits. The first one is its location and good connections with all countries in the world. Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport offers direct flights with many countries. On the other side, as the capital of Spain, it offers many plans such as theaters, sport events, exhibitions, or museums.

Foreign patients hair transplant

In addition, it is important choosing a good doctor to carry out the surgery. In that sense, Doctor Espinosa Custodio offers a good job guaranteed with competitive prices. It is over six years carrying out hair transplants and, as he shows, he offers its previous surgeries’ results. The doctor is surrounded by a great team that will help the patient. From the initial contact you will get to know the closeness of the staff. You can be attended in both Spanish and English, and you will be accompanied in every consultation and surgery, getting to know that way how the doctor works.

As for the way Doctor Espinosa Custodia works, it is very well defined. The patient will know, from the first moment, all the steps that he will take over the months so that the surgery is fully satisfactory. The techniques used in hair transplantation are FUE and DHI, for extraction and implantation.

The clinic’s location, in Moreto Street, in Los Jerónimos neighborhood, turns Instituto Médico del Prado into a special place for hair transplants. Close to Atocha train station, where many long-distance trains to other Spanish and even European cities depart, Méndez Álvaro bus station, or the connection with the airport via public transport. In addition, a few minutes away from the clinic we count with several metro stops and many urban bus lines.

Help to foreign patients in their hair transplant

Our clinic staff is specifically trained to help the patient. The first diagnosis visit or follow up visits the doctor schedules can be carried out online. We adapt, as it could not be otherwise, to the diet the patient may follow, so that the surgery day this won’t be altered. We have alternative menus for celiac, vegetarians, allergies, or Kosher.

If we talk about accommodation, Instituto Médico del Prado has an agreement with the Petit Palace Lealtad Plaza Hotel, awarded with four stars. Thanks to this, our patients can be accommodated in an establishment located within a four-minute by walk from the clinic.

How we work

Special recommendations

Patients coming from the European Union

We give recommendations from Instituto Médico del Prado to all our foreign patients for the hair transplant. Depending on the place of origin, we can adapt the hair transplant characteristics to each situation. In the case of European patients, we recommend doing the postsurgical follow-up in-person. Treatments after hair graft are an important part of the process and, if the patient can conduct them, we recommend getting them done by the specialists at Instituto Médico del Prado. If this is not possible, we can schedule online consultations.

Regarding the surgery, it is advisable to plan a previous visit to the clinic, where the doctor can perform a better diagnosis and preparation. The day after the surgery, our nursing assistants will show you the best care for your hair for the following days. After this, the patient can return home.

Patients from Mexico

Doctor Espinosa Custodio offers since 2022 the possibility of performing a hair transplant in CDMX. During the months of February and August of each year, the Doctor will consult in person in his country of origin and will perform the scheduled hair transplants.

There are many possibilities that Mexican patients will have, online and face-to-face consultations, transplants in Madrid or Mexico City, and follow-up consultations in the American country. If you would like more information, you can contact our patient coordinator in Mexico at +52 1 55 4590 9909.

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Patients from Latin America

Instituto Médico del Prado is a great choice if you’re coming from Latin America, and you want to have a hair transplant done. In the case of these patients, it is important planning ahead of the surgery so we can prescribe a good previous pharmacological treatment, vital to carry out an intervention with guarantees.

We also recommend, staying in Madrid for a week, to organize a visit to the clinic before the intervention and, completing the needed care after that one. Regarding the pharmacological treatment needed after the transplant, we’ll provide you with all needed medication at Instituto Médico del Prado.

Patients from United States and Canada

In the case of patients coming from United States and Canada, the considerations are like the ones for Latin America with a substantial help. At Instituto Médico del Prado we count with staff with a high level of English that will support the conversation so that the patient understands everything in the best way possible.

This is the way we help our foreign patients at Instituto Médico del Prado. Our hair clinic in Madrid takes care from the outset the people that reaches out to us. If you need help and are coming from abroad, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


«The professional team of Dr. Espinosa Custodio are specialized in offering an exclusive, honest, high-precision and personalized service to the situation of each patient in order to obtain optimal and totally natural results».


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