Capillary mesotherapy in Madrid

Capillary mesotherapy: 100 % natural

Mesoterapia capilar Madrid

The capillary mesotherapy is a completely natural treatment to stop the hair loss and increase its width and density. Dr. Espinosa Custodio injects a mix of vitamins, minerals, peptides and essential aminoacids to feed the hair and improve its look.

How does it work

There are many ways to administer the mesotherapy. We can do it microneedling, with little incisions performed with a special device. This way is very useful, because it performs these micro incisions while administers the components directly into the scalp. So, the substance penetrates into the layers of the skin and we get the desired effect.

Another technique to perform the mesotherapy is manually. This way the components are injected on deeper layers of the skin. When we do this on the face, we normally use a device called pistol.

Why does it work

All the components of the capillary mesotherapy are effective against alopecia because they improve the blood flow under the scalp, but there is one component that is super useful: dutasteride. This is a blocker of the androgen dihydrotestosterone and extends the effect of the treatment for 45 days after the session. For all this time, the hair is benefiting from the treatment.

Benefits of the capillary mesotherapy

  • An improvement of the micro blood flow.
  • An revitalization of the follicular units.
  • An improvement of trophism under the scalp.
  • An increase of density and width of the hair.

The capillary mesotherapy in Madrid has many benefits for the patient. First, it recovers the blood flow under the scalp. That is normally the basis for alopecia. Second, it swells those hairs that are thinner, but not lost.

Third, it increases the capillary density, eliminating the spaces between hairs and giving a robust look to the hair. The patient will see an increase of its width.

When do we see the results?

The results are slow, like in any other capillary medical process. Besides, various sessions are needed, just one session is not enough. Usually, from 4 to 6 sessions of mesotherapy are needed, always depending on the patient’s response to the treatment.

The mesotherapy needs a good medical diagnosis before getting started, because it normally must be combined with oral medication or other treatments in order to get good results.

Check rates
Description Price
One session of PRP 250 €
Three sessions of PRP 600 €
One session of mesotherapy 150 €
Three sessions of mesotherapy 360 €
Pack 3 PRP + 3 Mesotherapies + Blood test 800 €
Pack 6 PRP + 6 Mesotherapies + 2 Blood tests 1.600 €

The capillary diagnosis performed by Dr. Espinosa Custodio has a price of 70 €. If you want to do a treatment with us, this price will be discounted of the final cost.

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