Doctor Espinosa Custodio


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Doctor Espinosa Custodio especialista en trasplante capilar Madrid
Doctor espinosa Custodio especialista en trasplantes capilares en Madrid

Our team


Dr. Espinosa
Medical Director

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Isidoro Sánchez

medicina estética madrid botox
doctora ana martin

Dr. Ana Martín

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Paula García
Head of Nursery Unit

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Yco Hernández
Content Manager

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Alejandro Santos
Digital Marketing Manager

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Paula Calzado
Clinical Assistant

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Rosa Escobar
Technical Specialist

Our Values

Excelencia en medicina capilar


Our team, led by Dr. Espinosa Custodio, is always learning and growing to achieve excellence in all of our processes. That is why we can give a results warranty.

We add high-technology and reviewed methods to obtain the best possible results.

Calidad en medicina capilar


Quality is our hallmark. It is always present in our processes. Our warranty is proof of this.

We look for our team professionalism and our products suitability. We work with the main enterprises of the sector.

Honestidad en medicina capilar


Each situation and person needs an objective and professional evaluation, which drives to the best prescription. We do not only see our economic interests. Above all, we search for natural results and happy patients.

Naturalidad en los resultados de los tratamientos de medicina capilar


The natural results are those indistinguishable to people with no treatments. Our team experience and the techniques we use allow us to obtain results exceeding your expectations, with no visible marks or scars.

Innovación en medicina capilar


Capillary and Aesthetic Medicine are very specialized and evolving fields. It is mandatory to add the last knowledge and devices. We constantly train our professionals and learn the last updates.

Atención personal en medicina capilar


We always spend more than an hour with our new patients. This is the way to make them feel comfortable and happy. If you want it, we can show you the whole clinic and the tools. All the team is ready to talk about our medical procedures and tell you what you want to know.

Quality also means empathy.


Instituto Médico del Prado is born to give a whole answer to our patient needs, as good as possible, with natural results.


Being national leaders in Capillary and Aesthetic Medicine. Our results and experience allow us to do so.

Why Choose Us

Excellency in the medical practice

The hair transplantation is always done only by Dr. Espinosa Custodio. We have a Capillary Medicine Specialized Team assisting the doctor, but extraction and implantation are always performed by Dr. Espinosa Custodio. Furthermore, we always have the most recent devices to get the best possible result.
Dr. Espinosa Custodio has a solid trichological formation.

First visit to diagnosis
and evaluation
Customized medical attention
through the process
Registro Sanitario CS16663
Payment plan

«The human team led by Dr. Espinosa Custodio in our hair and aesthetic Medicina offers an exclusive, honest and custom service. Our goal is to obtain natural and optimum results»


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