Hair transplant restoration in Madrid

Here at Instituto Médico del Prado we receive all kind of patients. People of all ages that trust in Dr. Espinosa Custodio to improve their hair situation. There are cases in which the patient has had a hair transplant previously carried out in other clinics. The result obtained by the patient is not what was desired, and they want to improve it. In cases such as these we can perform a hair transplant restoration.

In these cases, Dr. Espinosa Custodio receives the patient in the assessment and diagnosis consultation to help them as much as he can to improve the situation. Even if the patient has already had a hair transplant, different solutions can be offered.

hair transplant restoration

Diagnosis with the Doctor

During the first diagnosis and assessment visit, the doctor will carry out a complete hair situation study. With the help of a smart dermatoscope, Hairmetrix by Canfield, he will analyze the density in each area of the head. In addition, he can also check the phase the follicles are in or if they are miniaturized.

Thanks to the report this tool creates, we can find out if the patient is a good candidate for the hair transplant.

Medication y treatments

In a high percentage of cases, Dr. Espinosa Custodio can offer an oral medication combined with intradermal treatments. This will serve as preparation for the upcoming surgery.

As a result of taking the medication prescribed by the surgeon, the hair situation will improve. These drugs will not make new follicles grow where they were lost a long time ago. However, the ones that are left will have their health improved. Furthermore, after a few months from the start of the medication intake, the follicles will develop some thickness. With this we achieve two targets: the follicles in the donor area will have a higher survival rate and the follicles in the recipient area, since they are now thicker, will help to promote higher density.

In the meantime, it is possible that intradermal hair treatments such as Mesotherapy or Platelet-Rich Plasma are prescribed. The intention of these treatments is similar to that of pharmacological treatments.

Hair transplant restoration

If Dr. Espinosa Custodio gives the green light for a hair transplant, it will be scheduled. In that case, the hair transplant will entail a higher difficulty for the surgeon. We need to bear in mind that the donor area has already been through the stress of a previous procedure and we are now working on scarred tissue. In addition, the surgeon’s skill will become more important. Follicle selection is more limited and implantation, for that reason, must be done precisely so that the result is optimum.

In any case, after finishing the process, which will last around 18 months, the hair situation will have improved as long as all recommendations and aftercare the doctor explains are followed.

Hair restoration surgery price is higher compared to the first hair transplant. As with beard, scars, eyebrows and minisessions or small surgeries, it starts at 5€ per follicle unit.

Hair micropigmentation

The other alternative or complement to a hair transplant is micropigmentation. This technique relates to injecting pigments under the skin, helping to achieve an effect of hair density like the one achieved by natural hair.

Micropigmentation must be carried out by a professional, after having performed tests to determine that the patient isn’t allergic to the ink used. In addition, the used pigments must be high quality and certified, so their color is similar to the hair’s natural tone.

Other treatments

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