Non-shaving capillary transplant in Madrid

Non-shaving capillary transplant in Madrid

It is possible to undergo a hair graft intervention without shaving the entire head, a non-shaving capillary transplant in Madrid. Doctor Espinosa Custodio offers this service at his capillary clinic in Madrid.

Non-shaving capillary transplant in Madrid with FUE technique

The hair transplant with the FUE or non-shaven FUE technique can be carried out without shaving the entire head, shaving the hair type “curtain” or “flaps”. In that way, only part of the occipital area (donor area) is shaved from which the follicles are extracted; this area is hidden with the rest of the hair until it grows back. The rest of the scalp does not need to be shaved, in this way the transplant is more concealed and the time of incorporation into social and labor life is considerably shortened.

The unshaved hair graft is especially indicated for patients who:

1.- Less than 2,500 need to be transplanted grafts.

2.- They present a localized alopecia, not diffuse.

3.- They want a progressive change in their appearance and a transplant that go unnoticed.

In the consultation, the doctor evaluates if the patient is a candidate to undergo a hair transplant with this technique without total shaving, since it involves some technical difficulty for the surgeon, and the patient must have long hair. It should be noted that, with this technique, the patient must pay special attention to postoperative care, so that the follicle adheres to the recipient area correctly..

This technique can be practiced on anyone, both men and women, as long as they have long enough hair.

The follicles of patients who undergo hair transplantation with the FUE technique without shaving are implanted with the DHI technique.

Hair transplant without shaving with the FUSS technique

It consists on extracting a strip of skin from the occipital area, from which the follicles will be extracted.Later, will be implanted one by one in the recipient area.

This technique is hardly performed by Dr. Espinosa Custodio since he considers that in most cases the FUE technique is the most appropriate and with which the best results are obtained. However, FUSS technique is an option to assess when the patient wishes to undergo a hair implant without shaving the hair.

Special care with non-shaven FUE

If the patient chooses to undergo this procedure, an special care must be taken in the receiving area, where the new follicles are implanted, when combing the non-transplanted hair.

Rates of hair transplant without shaving in Madrid

In cases of FUE without shaving the price starts in €3/graft. Check hair transplant prices.

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