Capillary carboxytherapy in Madrid

The carboxytherapy: get your hair back!

Carboxiterapia capilar Madrid

The carboxytherapy is an excellent treatment performed by Dr. Espinosa Custodio to stimulate the blood flow under the scalp. It stimulates this blood flow with carbon dioxide injections under the skin that activate the hair’s regeneration.

With a special device we introduce sterile CO2 gas, either subcutaneous or intradermal. With almost pain-free little microinjections, in a non-invasive treatment, we get visible results like tissue-revitalization, due to oxygenation, or neovascularization.

The benefits of the capillary carboxytherapy

  • A visible revitalization of the hair due to stopping the hair loss and recovering the natural hair.
  • An increase of the blood microcirculation increasing the nutritional intake and oxygenating the scalp and the grafts.
  • An increase of the blood’s speed in the microcirculation.
  • A vasodilation of the arteriole and the metarteriole.
  • A capillary vasodilation.
  • A neo-angiogenesis (new capillaries generation).
  • Bohr effect: when increasing the CO2 concentration, the hemoglobin affinity for the oxygen is reduced, so it is easier given to the tissues easier.
  • An increase of the blood supply to the grafts.
  • A bigger collagen and elastin formation and spare.

The best scenario is to perform one session weekly or every 15 days, summing up to 4 sessions. After the treatment there is no recovery period, and the patient has not any handicaps or inconveniences.

This capillary carboxytherapy in Madrid may (and should) be combined with other hair loss treatments like capillary mesotherapy or capillary PRP in order to improve the results.

This treatment is highly recommended before the hair transplantation surgeries, because of its improvement of the blood flow under the scalp.

The effects of the carboxytherapy are not visible until some months later, depending on the evolution of each patient. This is a consequence of its frequent use on the vertex, an area of slow hair growing.

In addition to its capillary medicine purposes, the carboxytherapy can also be used to reduce the accumulated fat, the stretch marks and the cellulite. These are great areas for the mesotherapy, as well as the double chin, the thighs and the belly.

Check rates
Description Cost
One session 215 €

The diagnosis performed by Dr. Espinos Custodio has a cost of 70 €. This cost will be discounted of your treatment’s price.

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