Rosacea and hair transplant, is it allowed?

Certain conditions can affect the skin and be an inconvenience in the face of hair transplantation. We have already talked in different posts about Poliosis, folliculitis or psoriasis. Another chronic disease that can coexist on our scalp is rosacea. However, rosacea and hair grafting may not be satisfactory in case you suffer it.

First of all you have to determine what rosacea is. It is a chronic disease that affects both the skin and, sometimes, the eyes. It is more common among women although the factor shared with men are those with lighter skin. It causes redness of the skin and pimples, small red lines under the skin, or inflammation of the nose. In the eyes, in addition, dryness and itching can be suffered.

Rosacea has no cure but is not a dangerous condition for humans. Certain treatments can help relieve symptoms such as medication and even surgery. However, studies do not prove a clear cause of the ailment.

Rosacea and hair transplantation, the keys

A person suffering from rosacea may wonder if it is feasible to perform a hair transplant. The answer is simple although it has connotations: yes, it is. In principle there is no contraindication to perform the transplant despite the existence of rosacea. Implants should not fail.

It is possible, on the other hand, that Dr. Espinosa Custodio wants to perform a small test before performing the complete hair graft. In this way, it ensures that the transplant is fully satisfactory and there is no widespread failure.


Is rosacea a condition that affects hair transplantation?

No, rosacea does not have to make hair transplantation fail. It should not prevent it from doing so although it is true that the Doctor can perform a previous test to see how our skin behaves before the incisions required for the hair implant.

Who should treat rosacea?

Rosacea is a condition that should not be a physical problem for those who suffer from it. However, it will be necessary for a professional to take care of your pathology. This should be a dermatologist. It may be that the doctor in charge of the hair transplant asks for a report from the dermatologist to confirm that the hair transplant can be performed.

Is rosacea dangerous?

No, it is a condition that is not dangerous to humans. It can remit with certain treatments or drugs, but it will never lead to a complication.

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