The frontal muscle and the hair graft, the major obstacle

The design of the first hairline is one of the biggest concerns for our patients. In fact, it’s what can either make or break the final result. The recommendation is clear: trust the doctor who performs the transplant. And there’s a big issue with that design: the frontal muscle and the hair graft.

During the journey through the Instituto Médico del Prado, focusing on the hair transplant, two important moments will be decisive for its design. The first will be during the diagnostic and evaluation consultation, where the best strategy for progress will be addressed. The second will come on the day of surgery, when it will be drawn.

It will always be important to seek a natural design, relying on the advice of the surgeon. One of the main points will be, under no circumstances, to touch the frontal muscle in the hair graft. Implanting follicles in this tissue will result in an absolute failure.

The frontal muscle and the hair graft, identified

The frontal or occipitofrontal muscle is located between the eyes and the first line of the head. With it, we can furrow our brow or raise our eyebrows. As we say, it is tissue unsuitable for the implantation of follicles.

This could lead to several complications, including the creation of a pigmented area around the implanted follicle, or the appearance of grooves in the same.


How will I know if my graft is not designed in the frontal muscle?

The best way to avoid grafting onto the frontal muscle is to have a good specialist in hair surgery for our intervention. An experienced doctor can delineate the design well. It will be essential, then, to follow their guidance.

Can a graft in the frontal muscle be reversed?

A graft in the frontal muscle can be reversible. The work of a good surgeon is necessary to remove all those follicles located in this tissue and, in addition, restore the new hairline to make it look natural.

How is a good design achieved?

A good design in hair grafting should be a consensus between doctor and patient. It’s always good to rely on the specialist’s advice and not want a too-low hairline. This could make the graft look artificial.

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