Hair loss after childbirth

After pregnancy and childbirth, in addition to the happiness of having a new life with us, a series of small disorders arise in the mother’s body. On the capillary field, a large number of women observe hair loss after childbirth. A decrease in capillary density is observed in the upper part of the head, known as telogen effluvium and which is totally transient.

It has been observed, in different women, that around 25-30% of hair falls in the first months of postpartum and, the one that remains, does so with a loss of vigor, strength and vitality. However, it is a totally temporary and reversible phenomenon. In the worst case, it will last for a year, while at 6 months an improvement can already be observed. In no case should it lead to a hair graft.

This process is suffered in the period of time of the telogen phase of the hair. This is the final phase of hair, in which it loses the properties to regenerate and grow back. Normally this phase is suffered around 14% of our scalp but, as we have said, the proportion increases after pregnancy, so it is more visible. 

Hair loss after childbirth, solutions

As we say, the recovery of fallen hair and the return of vigor to it will be prolonged in time. From 6 to 8 months we will begin to see this improvement, in ayear we will returning to the previous state. This hair loss should not be worrying and it will not be necessary to go to a specialist. Only if after those 12 months it is maintained over time could medical treatment be necessary. 

Meanwhile, taking care of our health will help to recover or not lose that hair. A gradual return to physical exercise and diet care can slow down hair loss. Among the foods, we must consider those that have a plus of iron, vitamins C and E, zinc or omega 3. 


Will my hair fall out after pregnancy?

Due to the fall in the level of estrogen will make it become something habitual of the hair, as we have commented around 30% of it. However, it is something temporary and should not worry us.

Should we go to a specialist for hair loss?

No, it will not be necessary unless the hair does not recover after 12 months of giving birth. If this happens, something will be happening in our body, and we should seek the help of a professional in the field of hair medicine.

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