Folliculitis: how to prevent it

One of the drawbacks that can occur after hair transplantation is folliculitis. The U.S. National Library of Medicine defines this condition as an inflammation of one or more hair follicles that can occur anywhere on the skin.

It is caused when follicles become damaged or blocked at their outlet. This can occur from friction against clothing or after shaving. In the case of hair transplantation, it occurs after the shock-loss phase. When having to come back the hair, it can be blocked and, we will try to give the keys to avoid folliculitis.

After the hair transplant operation  it is common for this folliculitis to appear. To avoid this, we must follow all the guidelines that the doctor provides us. Among them, hygiene will be one of the bases. Wash with the products indicated in the first weeks and use a neutral pH shampoo once it has healed.

Prevent and cure folliculitis

Another of the most common ways to avoid folliculitis is to try not to rub the new follicles with any garment. Friction with clothing can make it difficult for hair to escape, leading to folliculitis. High sweating should also be avoided and therefore it is advisable to avoid physical exercise in the first weeks after hair transplantation. It is the doctor who must indicate when it should be resumed and in what way to return to sport routines.

If, despite having taken care of our hair, folliculitis appears, we should not panic. You must inform your doctor and he will be the one who prescribes the necessary measures to solve the problem. These can come in the form of soaps, antibiotics, or antiseptics.


How does folliculitis manifest itself?

Folliculitis can be observed as the appearance of small red bumps with white heads. It may cause sensations of itching, pain, or tenderness on the skin.

Should I see a specialist doctor?

Only in the most serious cases should you go to the consultation of a specialist. Normally, with a consultation with the clinic it can help you combat this small inconvenience.

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