Warranty conditions

The hair transplant at the Prado Medical Institute has a wide guarantee of results. Our protocol of excellence in all processes allows us to guarantee that the results will be adequate. In the grafts performed by Doctor Espinosa Custodio, 100% growth of the follicles is guaranteed*. In the event of any type of unforeseen event, we will solve the situation at no cost.

hair transplante warranty conditions

The conditions of this guarantee are:

  • The results will be assessed at the end of the process and the patient is discharged (12/18 months). In the event that a new intervention is necessary, it will be at no cost to the patient.
  • As long as the donor area allows it.
  • The patient has complied with the post-surgical guidelines and indications.
  • Attendance at scheduled reviews**
  • The patient must undergo the treatments prescribed by the doctor.
  • The guarantee drops to 85% in the event that the patient does not shave completely.
  • In the case of scars, interventions of patients who come from a previous surgery from another clinic and skin diseases, the guarantee is 65%.
  • The compensation of the guarantee in no case will be economic.

* We guarantee that 100% of the implanted follicles grow correctly. 85% of the follicles are in the active phase and 15% in the resting phase.

** In the case of absence, it must be justified..

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hair transplant madrid
hair transplant madrid


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