Guarantee conditions

The practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science, and for that reason, there can’t be an explicit or implicit guarantee for its results. However, Dr. Espinosa Custodio commits to carry out an additional surgery with no additional cost for you in case it is necessary.

hair transplante warranty conditions

Examples of situations where we commit to performing an additional surgery:

  • Accidents in the days after the surgery that cause an irreparable damage to follicles.
  • Presence of areas with a noticeable lower density in the design of the hair transplant.

The patient accepts the following conditions:

  • Results will be assessed after finishing the hair transplant process (15-18 months after the intervention). If there is the need for a new surgery this will be carried out with no cost for the patient.
  • This guarantee is only limited to the grafted area during the surgeries carried out by Instituto Médico del Prado’s team.
  • This guarantee doesn’t cover results expected from pharmacological oral and intradermal treatments prescribed to improve follicle quality in the areas where these are miniaturized.
  • An additional surgery will be carried out as long as the donor area allows it. The area must be in good condition to undergo a hair transplant.
  • The patient has followed the post-surgical guidelines and indications.
  • Attendance to scheduled check-ups*.
  • The patient must follow the treatments prescribed by the doctor, including pharmacological treatment.
  • This guarantee doesn’t apply to cases where there are scars, patients with previous interventions at other clinics and/or skin diseases.
  • The guarantee compensation will never be economic.

* If you cannot attend the visit, you must justify your absence.

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hair transplant madrid
hair transplant madrid


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