Hair loss in the menopause

The menopause is a time where a lot of changes happen in the body of a woman. there will be a lot of hormonal changes that can affect the body in a lesser of higher degree and this changes are not the same for all women. One of the symptoms that we can observe in the menopause is hair loss.

In other words, The hormonal changes, in the case of the menopause is the loss of estrogen that can generate hair loss. our hair can become thin, break easily, lose nutrients( which makes it dry and can cause it to look off) and, the most dangerous, Lose density. If you see some of these symptoms, it’s time to see a specialist.

The estrogen and their descent, as we call it, have a relation with the menopause, the most characteristic female hormone. is generated by the ovaries, once they stop producing, storage  and liberating ovules, they stop producing it or do it to a lesser degree.

Female Alopecia and menopause

Alopecia in women is not small compared to men, Always speaking about androgenic alopecia. it is in most observed cases different to men. while men can have total baldness in different zones, Women alopecia is much more diffuse, making white zones because of the density loss.

Fortunately There are treatments that can stop and improve alopecia. Some of them are the intradermics, like mesotherapy or PRP, which will help revitalize our hair and improve density of the follicles. Another option is beginning pharmacological treatment. the specialist doctor can prescribe medication like Minoxidil, Finasteride, Dutasteride or a formula based on your characteristics.

Finally, The option of the hair transplant is recommended when the lost hair is not recoverable. We say this because in some occasions, thanks to medication, the follicle could be engrossed making the sensation of baldness disappear. But in areas where there is no hair it could only grow thanks to a hair transplant.

Frequently asked questions

Is the hair transplant possible on women?

Yes, in fact Dr. Espinosa Custodio is one of the specialist’s that perform this technique on women, Making it possible via hair transplant without shaving. There are several women that have come to Instituto Medico del Prado to solve their problems by surgical intervention.

Is it necessary to see a capilar specialist on menopause season?

No, Seeing a specialist doctor should only be done in an inevitable case. If the hair loss is abundant, then will be the time to contact the doctor to reverse the problem.

Is the hair transplant safe for women?

Yes, the hair transplant is a surgery considered as minor ambulatory, which is totally safe, it is made with a little anesthetic, Similar to the dentist, even if the surgery extends for hours and the final result is seen more than a year later, it does not carry any risks.

Dr. Espinosa Custodio works at Instituto Médico del Prado, his hair clinic in Madrid, and performs hair transplants in Mexico, twice a year. If you would like to make an appointment, you can contact us on +34 912 468 664, on WhatsApp +34 627 396 322 or on the contact page of our website. From Mexico you can contact us at +52 55 4590 9909.

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