Natural vitamins for your hair. The best!

There are lots of natural vitamins working naturally for your hair. If we lack some of them, the health of our hair can be lower. They are many, but they fight against your alopecia or baldness with different powers. Besides, there are more natural items to complement medical treatments and even hair transplantations. Do you wanna know them?

  • Vitamin C is the best of them, as it has many effects. It reduces the duration of the phases of the hair growth. The hair grows faster and stronger. Besides, vitamin C protects against dandruff and eliminates some gray hair. Also, it improves the blood circulation which, circumstantially, increases the capillary density.
  • Vitamin D is really healthy for our hair. It improves the interaction between the immune system and the hair. Consequently, the immune processes are better at distinguishing bacteria and tissues, promoting the growth of the hair. When we lack of vitamin D, the hair can fall due to an autoimmune reaction that should not happen.
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  • Vitamins B3, B6 and B12 contribute to the nutrition of the hair. They produce keratin, the main element of the shine, smoothness and volume of the hair. The more keratin we have, the healthier and stronger our hair looks.
  • Vitamins B5 and B1 are components that improve the look of our hair. Their moisturizing properties increase the shine of the hair and feed their roots to get a healthier look.
  • Like vitamin C, vitamin E improves the blood flow, making the hair stronger. This is the same effect that our capillary treatments get, but within a longer time. Besides, vitamin E improves the hair hydration, protecting the hair from the sun exposure and its antioxidant effects.

Other natural components for your hair

  • Pumpkin seeds’ oil attacks the main reason of alopecia: the creation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is created by our own body when testosterone gets to the root of the follicle and creates an enzyme: 5-alpha reductase. The pumpkin seeds’ oil is a natural blocker of DHT.
  • Biotin is an important ally fighting alopecia. It is an element that improves the growing of the fast-growing tissues, like the hair. This way, biotin not only improves the capillary density, but our hair is more flexible and it does not break. Consequently, our hair grows faster and its loss is reduced.
  • Zinc is a helper in the fight against baldness because it controls the hormonal changes, one of the main causes of alopecia. This way, a big part of the hairs go back to their growing phase and, therefore, we recover capillary density. Also, zinc increases melanin levels and eliminates the dandruff.
  • Copper is a natural element that helps us to create melanin, the component behind the skin, eyes and hair color. Copper catalyses the reaction of the melanocytes and the enzyme tyrosinase, the origin of melanin.
  • Selenium is also a natural element that eliminates de dandruff and, consequently, improves the health of our hair. Besides, it works greatly with zinc, because it also helps to control the hormonal changes and fights against the gray hair.

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