Dr. Espinosa Custodio has specialized in the treatment to combat alopecia with autotransplantation of stem cells from the patient’s own fatty tissue.

Treatment with the patient’s own stem cells will regenerate the living follicles that are already beginning to stop being active, leading them to a healthy follicle phase.

The procedure consists in the processing of a small amount of fat from the patient (50cc).
Our fat is the true inexhaustible bank, in adults, of adult mesenchymal stem cells, even more viable than in the bone marrow. Once processed it gives the fat and finally obtained the cell concentrate (about 5cc) in the area where the lack of hair density has been previously detected. That is, areas where the hair follicles are still alive but that begin to enter the phase of follicular miniaturization (thinning).

This innovative technique, although minimally invasive, must follow the health regulations and must be carried out in a center that has a Minor Outpatient Surgery Department AUTHORIZED BY HEALTH and carried out by highly experienced surgeons.

Treatment for alopecia with cells obtained from the patient’s own fat It is indicated for both men and women who have seen a decrease in scalp density producing a significant increase in density.

Cells only exist within your own fat or in your bone marrow so they can only get from you. It should always be done in a center equipped with an operating room authorized by health.



It is one of the most used treatments by Dr. Espinosa Custodio due to the excellent results obtained.

Platelet-enriched plasma has revolutionized medicine by its regenerative abilities and its multiple applications in different specialties from traumatology to gynecology, through aesthetic medicine and capillary medicine.

It is the application of your own enriched plasma in the area of the scalp to be treated. This plasma contains growth factors and fibroblasts that favor the creation of collagen and tissue regeneration thanks to an improvement in blood capillarization.

Especially indicated for the treatment of low capillary density (very fine hair), and also as a complementary treatment to strengthen a capillary surgery.

Revolutionary, non-invasive, without operating rooms. Improves hair density and strengthens hair growth.

PRP is a simple and reliable treatment for androgenic alopecia, with high satisfaction among our patients.

The blood of the patient from which the PRP will be collected is extracted through a centrifugation, which separates the plasma fraction from the rest of the blood elements. Plasma is activated with growth factors and injected into the areas to be treated. It is a non-invasive, fast, completely natural and safe procedure since it is an autotransfusion.  There is no possibility of rejection: it is your own blood.

Biostimulation Hair Steps

1. Blood collection to obtain a sample.

2. Centrifuged: Once the sample is obtained, it is centrifuged at 2800–3100 rpm for 9-10min. At the end of centrifugation we already have the sample ready for activation.

3. Application of PRP: PRP can be injected intradermally by microinjections, where functional skin cells abound, surplus amounts of PRP can be injected as a nappage into the epidermis to stimulate epidermal cells. In any case, the areas and depth of injection depend on the pathology to be treated or the desired effect.


> The PRP treatment can be combined with Mesotherapy at 7-14 days to optimize the results.

> It is recommended, if is capillary, to cycle 3/4 sessions per year.

Patients will develop some inflammation, but this is a sign of reactivation of their skin. At some points, the needle can produce small marquitas, but there is no need to worry because they disappear the next day without any problem.



Excellent treatment by Dr. Espinosa Custodio to stimulate the circulation of the scalp.

Hair Carboxytherapy is a hair loss treatment that seeks to increase hair growth by stimulating the circulation of the scalp. This is achieved by subcutaneous carbon dioxide infiltrations that activate hair regeneration.

It consists of the introduction of sterile CO2 gas at the subcutaneous or intradermal level with the help of a sophisticated machine. By means of small virtually painless and very little invasive microinjections, visible results are achieved such as revitalizing tissues due to oxygenation or neovascularization.


Currently there are studies that demonstrate the action of carboxytherapy in treatments for baldness or alopecia resulting in:

> The significant revitalization of hair by stopping the fall and regaining its natural color.

> Increase in blood microcirculation by improving the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicle.

> Increased blood speed in the microcirculation.

> Vasodilation of the arteriole and metarteriola.

> Capillary vasodilation.

> Neoangiogenesis (generation of new capillaries).

> Bohr effect: by increasing the concentration of CO2 the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen is reduced, which is more easily transferred to tissues.

> Increased blood flow to the hair follicles.

> Promotes the formation and replacement of collagen and elastin.

Ideally, you can do 1 session per week or every 15 days in a total of 4 sessions. After the treatment there is no recovery period and the patient can resume his normal pace of life and activities without any complications immediately.

Capillary carboxytherapy can be combined with other hair loss treatments such as capillary mesotherapy capillary PRP respectively to enhance the result.



Hair Mesotherapy formulated by Dr. Espinosa Custodio is one of the options you can use to fight against hair loss.

It is the intratisular administration (just below the surface of the skin), that is, through micro injections, in the scalp of vitamins, minerals, peptides and amino acids essential for hair nutrition.

Enriching and strengthening the hair and reducing its miniaturization (thinning)


> Improves blood microcirculation

> Revitalizes hair follicles.

> Improves scalp trophism.

> Increase the thickness and volume of the hair.



Dr. Espinosa Custodioprescribes a combination of specific medications for each patient adapted to his situation and needs.

Pharmacological medical treatments are recommended for those patients who need daily capillary nutrition and scalp strengthening. These treatments can be very effective on their own or in combination with surgical treatments.

Through a personalized medication composition, which is administered topically, the capillary vascularization is increased and the hormonal receptors are blocked, which favors the growth of new hair and the care of the existing one.


It is a drug that acts by inhibiting the enzyme that transforms testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. It has been used for 20 years and has shown its effectiveness in slowing the hair loss process by improving density and thickness.
Their results begin to be visible from 6 months after the start of treatment.


It is an inhibitor of dihydrotestosterone production that was initially used for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is contemporary to Finasteride and its effectiveness is superior, and although its mechanism of action is similar, it seems to have a more selective effect.


It started using as an antihypertensive. Upon discovering the effect it had on the scalp, it was marketed in 2% and 5% solution for topical application as a lotion.

Minoxidil produces a vasodilation of the vessels that water the scalp and promotes the growth of hair follicles. Having the solutions used some irritant property can cause dermatitis. In the first months it is usual to notice a major fall, a situation that reverts from the third or fourth month.


«The professional team of Dr. Espinosa Custodio are specialized in offering an exclusive, honest, high-precision and personalized service to the situation of each patient in order to obtain optimal and totally natural results.»


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