DHI hair transplantation in Madrid

What is DHI

DHI hair transplantation in Madrid is the most modern and efficient procedure. DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation. The hair is harvested individually from the donor site to the bald part. Consequently, the results are always natural and lasting.

If you are looking for a capillar clinic specialized in DHI in Madrid, be aware that this intervention must be performed by a doctor. The doctor will be responsible for the angle and the depth of each piece of hair. DHI does not hurt the hair, and the follicles’ surviving rate is above 90%.

implante capilar madrid antes y despues

The stick & place evolution

DHI is the evolution of the Stick & Place hair transplantation procedure. The doctor did the incision, and the technicians put the hair there. As you see, the doctor did not performed all the procedure.

When are the results appreciable?

After 5 or 6 months, the DHI results are appreciable. The final evaluation is performed after a year. However, during these months we do other capillar treatments, like a bioestimulation (platelet rich plasma), in order to speed up the results.

DHI hair transplantation in Madrid

Doctor Espinosa-Custodio, Medical Head of Instituto Médico del Prado in Madrid, performs the DHI hair transplantation using the implanters. With these gadgets, he puts all the follicles in the bald part. The follicles have been previously classified according to their number of hairs so he can achieve completely natural results.

After 3 or 4 weeks, the sock loss stage begins and the hair falls. This is completely normal. Since there, the hair starts to grow at normal speed. Because of these reasons, DHI hair transplantation is always the technique used in Instituto Médico del Prado.

The best moment for a DHI hair transplantation

Unlike other plastic treatments, there is not a best moment for a DHI hair transplantation. However, the patient must rest for 2-5 days to take care of his hair.

DHI hair transplantation images

DHI hair transplantation results are self-explanatory. Consequently, DHI is the most popular technique in the field. Points of incision are not needed and the current hair is not hurt.

Here you can see an image of DHI hair transplantation:

dhi madrid

DHI hair transplantation Madrid: prices

Diagnosis with Dr. Espinosa-Custodio is free. You will be able to check your hair loss grade and if you are a candidate for a hair transplantation. Furthermore, in Instituto Médico del Prado we have interest-free loans. You can check our prices following this link.


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