The best facial anti-wrinkles cream: the power of retinol!

The best facial anti-wrinkles cream is something that we all look for. There are many creams with retinol but, which is the best one? Because we can’t use them all the same way and they don’t have the same components. It is important to know all the creams with retinol before buying one. And we are telling you about them in this post.

The retinol

The secret of the most popular facial creams is retinol. It is important to know this molecule, because it is as powerful as dangerous if wrongly used. The retinoids are diverse, some of them are patented, and they must be administered gradually. This way, our skin will develop a tolerance to them and this way they can give you all their potential.

In Instituto Médico del Prado we always recommend that a specialist doctor recommends which retinol cream to buy. A wrong application of a cream with retinol can make us have spots or get our skin peeled.

The best facial anti-wrinkles cream

The best facial anti-wrinkles cream is the one that adapts better to your skin. Zo Skin Health has five facial creams with retinol: Wrinkle + Texture Repair (0,5%), Radical Night Repair (1%), Retinol Skin Brightener .25%, .50% and 1%.

All of them can be super great for your skin… if you use them rightly. The first we must do is getting your skin read, cleaning it deeply. We do this with a cleanser, an exfoliators and a toner.

Then, we can use the retinol cream. But, be careful! After using it we always must apply a calming cream to our skin. Last, we should also use a mineral fluid sun protector.

The retinol creams by ZO

  • Wrinkle + Texture Repair: for the texture of your skin, but also for helping to refill the wrinkles and hydrate the skin.
  • Radical Night Repair: for keeping the pigmentation balanced, and also for toning it and making it shine.
  • Retinol Skin Brightener: with more or less retinol, depending on your type of skin and needs. This cream balances your skin’s tone and has antioxidants that protects it from the contaminant agents.

In conclusion, any of these three creams will help your skin… if it is the correct one for you. A specialist doctor should always evaluate your skin before buying a retinol cream. These medical cosmetic products by Zo Skin Health can help you a lot in your search of a perfect skin.

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