Capillary mesotherapy with dutasteride

We are sure lately you have heard about a treatment for hair loss: capillary mesotherapy with dutasteride. What is it about? Is it effective? How much is it? Is it painful?

Capillary mesotherapy is a medical treatment consisting in administering medication and vitamins by small, but many, punctions in the scalp intradermally. It can be performed with local anesthesia so it’s almost painless.

Mesotherapy with dutasteride microinjections is a new treatment to treat male and female androgenetic alopecia. It entails applying a medicine called dutasteride to the scalp, an antiandrogen medicine that helps improving the width of hair follicles. The amount and frequency of sessions will vary depending on the degree of alopecia.

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Mesotherapy effects on the hair

Research about it in the last years have brought experimental and clinical evidence that prove that capillary mesotherapy enhances blood microcirculation, revitalizes hair follicles, improves scalp trophism, and increases hair thickness and volume.

Dr. Espinosa Custodio at his clinic in Madrid, Instituto Médico del Prado, always insists that every intradermal and pharmacological treatment (PRP, mesotherapy, and so on.) are focused on improving follicles, they’re never going to create new hair. The only solution when there are no follicles is doing a hair transplantation. For this reason, it is very important that the diagnosis is made by a specialized doctor so he can determine the cause of your alopecia, as well as the indicated treatment for the patient. In our case, apart from Dr. Espinosa’s experience we have a trichoscope that analyzes hair density and follicle width (Hairmetrix by Canfield).

Scientific evidence and results

Research about it in the last years have brought experimental and clinical evidence that prove that capillary mesotherapy enhances blood microcirculation, revitalizes hair follicles, improves scalp trophism, and increases hair thickness and volume. For example, there is a research made by the doctors Moftah, Abd-Elaziz, Ahmed, Hamed, Ghannam e Ibraim en el año 2013.

In our experience, we can assure that the use of mesotherapy with dutasteride is a very effective treatment to fight androgenetic alopecia, getting impressive medium-term results (6 to 8 months) and with no side effects.

 capillary mesotherapy with dutasteride
Patient’s results with a treatment of capillary mesotherapy with dutasteride

Additional treatments to capillary mesotherapy

There are other treatments that also help increasing hair density such as pharmacological treatments with minoxidil, finasteride or dutasteride, that can be administered orally or as a lotion. Platelet-Rich-Plasma is also a treatment that can be combined with mesotherapy with dutasteride.

Depending on the patient, we can give other medication such as melatonin, latanoprost, cyproterone, and so on. Dr. Espinosa studies each patient’s case carefully to analyze what treatment is the most adequate for each one of them. In many cases it must be a combination of several treatments to achieve a better effectiveness.

Mesotherapy with dutasteride is a very recommendable treatment for patients that have had a hair transplant. It can also be indicated to those patients who are going to get a hair transplantation in the coming months.

Frequently asked questions

How much is capillary mesotherapy in Madrid?

The price will vary depending on the sessions the patient needs. You can check the prices of our treatments including mesotherapy with dutasteride in our clinic in Madrid whenever you want.

How many sessions do I need to do to achieve noticeable results?

It depends on each patient’s situation, it must be the doctor determining how many sessions are needed and their frequency.

Does mesotherapy have any risks?

It is a very safe treatment, but it is usual that days after the treatment the scalp is slightly sensitive, it will recede back to normal 2 or 3 days after.

What care should I follow?

No special care is required neither before nor after capillary mesotherapy. We recommend avoiding high intensity sport the day of the treatment.

Is the treatment painful?

Microinjections can cause some slight pain, to minimize it, if the patient is sensitive to pain, local anesthesia is applied before starting the procedure.

Dr. Espinosa Custodio works at Instituto Médico del Prado, his hair clinic in Madrid, and performs hair transplants in Mexico, twice a year. If you would like to make an appointment, you can contact us on +34 912 468 664, on WhatsApp +34 627 396 322 or on the contact page of our website. From Mexico you can contact us at +52 55 4590 9909.

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4 comentarios

  • Nikolas Posted 15.08.2023 in 11:52.

    Dear DR.

    Is mesoterapy with dutasteride effective if I’m not using oral fin/dut/min? Or this alone can’t save my hair?


    • Dr. Espinosa Custodio Posted 17.08.2023 in 09:06.

      Good morning, Nikolas.

      That is a question that may be solved in a consultation with a doctor. It depends, always, on the patient.

      Thank you!

  • Steven Posted 18.09.2023 in 07:58.


    I saw that you doing meso+duta. Im really interested by this protocol i have side with duta oral. Is the protocol is ok with diffuse aga and any client report you side effect ?

    • Dr. Espinosa Custodio Posted 18.09.2023 in 02:02.

      Hello Steven.

      Thank you for comment my blog. It is needed to know your case individually in a consultation. Each patient need a different treatment. I can not say for sure what is best for your case this way.

      Thank you!


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