Blepharoplasty in Madrid

blefaroplastia en Madrid

The blepharoplasty in Madrid is an effective intervention to look younger by getting rid of the baggy eyelids and the under-eye bags. It is a safe surgical procedure with spectacular results in only one hour.

We explain you in this page how do we do a blepharoplasty at Instituto Médico del Prado, what is its proceeding like, its post-surgery period and, of course, its price.

What is the blepharoplasty

With a blepharoplasty we reduce the excess of skin under the eye contours, as well as the dark circles and the eyelids. It can have medical purposes, like an eyelid blocking a complete eyesight, but normally it is a plastic surgery procedure.

We take out the excess of fat to get rid of the ugly bags under the eyes.. The surgeon uses an electric scalpel to perform a tiny hole from where the fat is extracted.

This is not a major surgery, so its recovery period is short. However, it is extremely important to get a surgeon specialized in this area, because it is a very sensitive one. A bad execution of the blepharoplasty could, for instance, restrain our capacity to close the eyes.

The blepharoplasty proceeding

For the blepharoplasty we use general anesthesia, specially to be sure that the patient is relaxed through all the process. From here, there are two methods to perform the blepharoplasty: the internal one and the external one.

Internally, the surgeon performs an incision in the intern side of the eyelid to extract the fat from there. Externally, the cut is done under the eyelashes. Both methods are equally efficient: the choice depends on the patient’s situation.

This proceeding usually lasts less than 3 or even 2 hours, including the administration of anesthesia. Its post-surgery period is not long: on day 4th the patient can live normally. Until then, he/she has only to keep the head up and apply cold pads regularly.

If stitches have been required, these will be retired 48 hours later, approximately.

The blepharoplasty results

The blepharoplasty is a very effective surgery: with only some hours of proceeding, we get incredible results for years. With it we can correct a droopy eyelid and the under-eye bags, treating two eye conditions with one and only surgery.

It is extremely important to know that the doctor who will perform the surgery must be the same one performing the diagnosis. This is the only way to be sure that, from the beginning to the end, a professional will be dealing with our case and taking care of us.

The blepharoplasty price

The price of a blepharoplasty is 3,200 euros (taxes included). This cost includes the diagnosis performed by Dr. Arenas, the surgery room, the general anesthesia, the future treatments (if needed) and the follow-up meetings.

If you want to schedule a meeting with Dr. Arenas to evaluate your blepharoplasty, you only have to call!

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What are the risks of a blepharoplasty?
The blepharoplasty, as any other surgery, has a natural risks that are minimized when the right human and material conditions are met. The risks of the blepharoplasty include infections, allergies and, very rarely, internal damage.
Does it last forever?
No. The natural tendency of the skin to fall will, in the long term, make the bags return to your eyes. However, it is a very long-lasting procedure, because a second surgery cannot be necesarry up to until 15 years later.
Does it hurt?
No, the blepharoplasty does not hurt. We usually use general anesthesia, so the patient is never uncomfortable. The post-surgery period can be uncomfortable during the first days, but the effects of the blepharoplasty are not hurtful.
Does the blepharoplasty leave a scar?
It depends on the situation, but it almost never leaves a visible scar. On the superior blepharoplasty the incission is done on the natural fold of the eyelid, so it is never on sight. On the inferior blepharoplasty the incission is done inside the eyelid, so it is not visible, too. The blepharoplasty can leave a little scar when the excess of fat is huge and the incission must be performed under the eyelashes line, where it is hidden.
At what age can I get a blepharoplasty?
There is not an age recommendation for the blepharoplasty. It is common to get a blepharoplasty after the 30s, because that is the age when the fat normally appears under the eyes. The superior blepharoplasty can be performed at any age.
Is everybody suitable for the blepharoplasty?
Yes. Everybody can get a blepharoplasty if that is not forbidden by the doctor. However, it is important to remark if that is the best surgery to meet the expectations.


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