Thread lifts for the breast

The thread lifts for the breast are a major breakthrough in aesthetic medicine, especially in the non-surgical field. If you want to elevate your breast with no surgery, or avoid the scars and the inconveniences, this is the most effective treatment.

The thread lifts for the drooping breast achieve to elevate them for almost two years, in most of the cases. It has almost not contraindications, because these are the same threads used in heart surgeries or in facial aesthetic medicine. Do you want to know them?

Thread lifts for the breast: elevating your bust with no surgery

The so-called magical threads are, actually, microthreads made of polidioxanona, a biocompatible material used for many years in surgeries that now has been adapted to aesthetic medicine. 

A specialist medical doctor does a little infiltration on the area that we want to elevate. From there, the doctor implants the threads that deploy on all the area to raise the fallen skin. Short time later, the skin gets back its firmness and strength.

The thread lifts for the drooping breast

Consequently, the flaccid breast resurfaces and gets robust again. However, they will be reabsorbed again for being a biocompatible material. This happens after 18 to 24 months after the intervention.

The main advantage of the thread lifts is its little post-surgery process. At the most, there can be a little swallow or redness. This is a great point for the thread lifts.

In conclusion, the thread lifts are the best solution to raise the breasts with no surgery. The thread lifts are very popular to reposition the fat and fill the wrinkles. Their new function of raising the breast with no surgery is meeting with great enthusiasm in Madrid.

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