Pain in the hair transplant

One of the most frequent questions that a patient can ask is if they suffer from pain during the hair transplant. It is a question that flies over the head since the idea comes to our head and that, on many occasions, is verbalized in front of the doctor in the diagnostic consultation trying to know the answer. This is not very clear since, unfortunately, the pain threshold is different for each human being and where some may feel great discomfort, others may feel only tingling.

Although it can not be assured that you will not feel pain, if there is a way to choose a clinic where you can minimize the risk. For this it will be convenient to carry out an investigation and always distrust those who hide some type of information. Among the most important questions would be who performs the surgery and how it is done.

It is important to find a clinic in which the extraction and implantation are done by the doctor himself, as well as anesthesia. This will ensure that it is a specialized person who works in the surgery. In addition, having their own assistant team will make the Doctor wrapped up and everyone in the operating room knows the best way to proceed.

Pain in the hair transplant: anesthesia

The way to avoid pain in surgery will be anesthesia. It is important to know what type of surgery the doctor performs. It should be remembered that this is a minor surgery so general sedation of the patient is not necessary. In addition, this type of sedation carries another series of risks that should not be run.

Local surgery will make us not feel pain in our scalp during surgery and this should be enough. Being always conscious, both in the extraction and implantation, we must warn any appearance of discomfort in case the application of more anesthesia is necessary.


Is hair graft anesthesia safe?

The anesthesia used in hair transplantation does not have to be contraindicative. It should always be a specialized person who is responsible for administering it. It is similar to the one that can be used in dental interventions.

Will I have pain the days after the hair transplant?

The days after surgery should not be painful. Despite having small scars resulting from the incisions in the head, they will not discomfort. Only in a few cases would they do that they would be minimized by the use of medicines.

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