Hair transplant in women, made without shaving

Although hair grafting may seem like a male surgery, this is not the case. Female alopecia is something that exists and affects around 40% of women. As in men, it usually has an androgenetic origin (inherited from our parents and grandparents) and therefore considering a hair transplant in women to improve our situation is an option to consider.

If a prolonged hair loss is observed accompanied by a drop in hair density, we should go to a specialist. A specialized doctor will be the one who determines more accurately the causes that are generating this fall. In addition, they can propose the best alternatives to recover it, either oral or intradermal medication in case the native hair is alive or the hair graft in case it has fallen definitively.

Being a woman you may have reluctance to hair grafting. Although female alopecia exists, it is believed that the hair should be shaved in the face of the intervention. Nothing is further from reality, an experienced hair surgeon will only need to shave a small window of the occipital area that, generally, will be covered with our own hair once combed. As for the receiving area, there is no need to worry either. Despite being noticed in the first days, the technique has advanced in recent years and, once the scabs are removed, the graft will not be noticed, and we will only have to wait for the hair to grow normally.

How is a hair transplant in women?

Fighting female alopecia with a hair transplant is similar to doing it in men. The techniques required for hair grafting in women have no differences and we should only worry about having a surgeon specialized in transplantation with long hair. This is an unusual technique and putting yourself in the hands of a specialist is the best option.

The recovery of a female hair transplant will be fast. As we say, long hair will help hide both the donor and recipient areas and going to the doctor’s wash consultation, as well as following the post-surgical recommendations of medication, care and hygiene, will be the best guarantee.


Is a hair implant necessary to reverse female alopecia?

No, it does not have to be necessary. Each person’s case should be analyzed by a doctor. Hair transplantation will only be necessary when the hair has fallen out permanently. It may happen that only a miniturization of the same has occurred and with treatment it can grow again.

Can Dr. Espinosa Custodio do hair transplants without shaving?

Yes, one of the techniques where Dr. Espinosa Custodio is  a specialist is in hair grafting without shaving. This entails a series of benefits for the patient such as the least physical disorder for the person.

Dr. Espinosa Custodio works at Instituto Médico del Prado, his hair clinic in Madrid, and performs hair transplants in Mexico, twice a year. If you would like to make an appointment, you can contact us on +34 912 468 664, on WhatsApp +34 627 396 322 or on the contact page of our website. From Mexico you can contact us at +52 55 4590 9909.

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