Why does the hair transplant at the crown takes longer to grow?

The hair transplant, as we have always said from Instituto Médico del Prado, is a slow process. Many are the patients who think of almost immediate results after surgery and, however, it will take several months until our hair begins to emerge. In addition, we must bear in mind that areas such as the crown takes longer to grow.

There is a certain quorum in hair medicine in that to see a similar result at the end, you will have to wait around 12 months while the results of the crown will be visible at 18 months. Meanwhile, it should be remembered that the disciplined follow-up of the pharmacological treatment prescribed by the doctor will be another key to the good growth and final result of the hair.

Knowing why the hair growth at the crown after hair grafting is later one of the unknowns to which hair medicine is trying to respond and, although there are no final conclusions, a series of characteristics can be established.

Why does the crown takes longer to grow?

There are several factors that can influence it and we will be breaking them down in the following paragraphs. These can be the lack of vascularization, the thickness of the skin or the area of the head in which it is located. All these facts are what can affect the late growth of follicles.

Being the area that suffers most from our head, there may be an excess of compression. At bedtime, the occipital area is the area that most often rubs with our pillow or mattress, so it will affect the time of growth of the follicles.

This also influences the vascularization of the area. The constant support of our head on certain surfaces and for many hours, together with the place of the head, means that the blood supply is not the same as in other parts of the head. Therefore, the arrival of nutrients will be lower and the growth much slower.

Also, the skin in that area is thicker, so the follicle may take longer to grow. It will also be affected by the weather since it is more exposed to the sun or rain among others, as well as the rubbing of fabrics such as caps or hats.


Is taking medication important?

Definitely, yes. Taking the medication will help the final result of the surgery. The medication prescribed by the doctor aims to achieve a thickening of the follicles and preserve those native ones so that they do not fall. In addition, it will help the growth of the new ones more strongly.

When will I be able to see the first results of the transplant?

Around six to seven months after surgery, the growth of the grafted follicles will be appreciated, reaching the final result between 12 and 24 months from it. It is very important to have patience and take these times as a guide since each patient has a different situation and we can not contemplate the same time for everyone.

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