Hair transplant in Mexico, it’s possible

One of the concerns of Dr. Espinosa Custodio is to help as many patients as possible. Therefore, detecting that patients who come from both Mexico and the United States, has decided since 2023 to open its services with a new consultation in the country. The Doctor has opened the agenda for hair transplant in Mexico in the months of February and June and July of each year.

For this, the doctor’s team has prepared an extensive patient care protocol. From the first contact to discharge, you will be accompanied throughout the process. Despite only being in person twice a year, the doctor attends to doubts telematically and performs the necessary treatments in those months. Even the diagnostic consultation can be done online.

In addition, patients are also offered the possibility of performing the hair transplantation at any time in the clinic of Madrid, the Instituto Medico del Prado.  If the patient has availability, they can schedule the surgery in the Spanish capital. In the city of Madrid, in addition, accommodation is included in some interventions (To be consulted).

What does Dr. Espinosa Custodio offer?

Several  things are included in the hair transplant in Mexico City, including the necessary revisions included until discharge, the postoperative pack for home care, post-surgical washes or telephone attention for any questions or queries. As for medical services, it should be noted that Dr. Espinosa Custodio has a guarantee of results and includes a pre-surgery session.

It should be noted that the doctor’s protocol of excellence is also transferred to Mexico. And it is that he usually implants around 1,500 follicular units per session.  It is achieved in this way that all the grafts are placed correctly, choosing the direction, depth and position of each of them. In case you need more of these follicular units, the surgery will be carried out in two days.


What is the cost of hair transplantation?

The cost of hair transplantation in the clinic of Doctor Espinosa Custodio is calculated based on the number of follicular units that are implanted in the patient. The price starts from $ 60 MXN / Follicular unit VAT included. The minimum price for a surgery is $80,000 MXN. 

How is the hair transplant with the Doctor?

The hair transplant of Doctor Espinosa Custodio is performed with the FUE technique for extraction and DHI for implantation being both his specialty. They are the most innovative while giving higher quality and natural results, always depending on the skill of the doctor. The doctor also offers different modalities such as female hair transplantation, without shaving,  or beard or eyebrow grafting. 

Dr. Espinosa Custodio works at Instituto Médico del Prado, his hair clinic in Madrid, and performs hair transplants in Mexico, twice a year. If you would like to make an appointment, you can contact us on +34 912 468 664, on WhatsApp +34 627 396 322 or on the contact page of our website. From Mexico you can contact us at +52 55 4590 9909.

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