Transección injerto capilar

What is hair graft transection

In the hair transplant there are many cares that the doctor must apply to not damage the follicle, one of these is called transection. This is an irreparable damage that causes the follicle to be lost and, despite having been implanted, it will not grow, turning the total hair graft into a failure if the […]

Am I a candidate for hair transplant?

One of the great concerns of patients when they arrive at our clinic is if they are a candidate for a hair transplant. In order to undergo surgery, a series of requirements must be met that must be evaluated by the Doctor. And there are certain cases in which the transplant can not be carried […]

Mejor Injerto Capilar

The key to the best hair transplant

Excellence in hair transplants is something that few chosen surgeons worldwide can achieve. Seeing a good result, after the mandatory months, will be thanks to the set of good practices from diagnosis to patient discharge. Among them, you have to take into account the factors that can cause damage to the follicle and get the […]

Lesiones injerto capilar

Hair graft injuries

The hair transplant is classified as minor surgery. This is because surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, which does not require an operating room and is done with local sedation, without the need to ‘sleep’ the patient completely. However, they all require a specialized doctor and in the case of hair transplantation, with equal or […]


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