Capillary PRP in Madrid

The platelet-rich-plasma: reset your hair

PRP capilar Madrid

The platelet-rich-plasma or PRP is one of the most popular treatments performed by Dr. Espinosa Custodio because of its excellent results. It’s been revolutionary for its regenerative capacity and its varied applications in, for instance, traumatology, gynecology, plastic surgery and capillary medicine.

We inject your own riched plasma on the scalp. This plasma has growing factors and fibroblasts in order to create collagen and improve the capillarisation. This is highly recommended for low capillary density treatments (very thin hair), and also as a complementary treatment for a hair transplantation.

A revolutionary treatment

The PRP is a simple and reliable treatment for androgenetic alopecia, with a high satisfaction among our patients. A great improvement for capillary medicine in Madrid.

We extract the patient’s blood from where the PRP will be taken through a spin, separating the plasma from the rest of the blood’s elements. The plasma is activated by the growing factors and we inject that on the area we want to heal. This is a non-invasive process, quick and completely natural and safe, because it is an auto-transfusion. There can not be a rejection: it is always your own blood.

Each patient has a particular evolution, but the PRP results are visible since the third session. After the sixth, the difference is remarkable. In the stronger cases of alopecia, we can combine the PRP with other treatments like mesotherapy in order to accelerate the results.

Steps of the capillary PRP in Madrid

1. Extraction of the blood, normally 10 mls.

2. Spinning: once we obtain the blood, it is spinned at 2,800-3,100 RPM. una vez obtenida la muestra se procede a su centrifugación a 2800–3100 RPM for 9 to 10 minutes. When the spinning is done, the blood is ready for its activation.

3. Injection of PRP: the PRP can be injected intradermally with microinjections, where the functioning cells are, and the rest of the PRP can be injected in the epidermis, in order to stimulate the epidermic cells. However, the areas and the depth of the injections must be decided according to the pathology to treat or the desired effect.

The PRP post-treatment

The patient does not have to do anything special after a PRP session. This is a natural and simple treatment. It is usually important, though, to combine the PRP with another treatment, like the mesotherapy or the carboxytherapy, in order to accelerate the results.

The number of necessary sessions of PRP must be determined by the doctor, as well as its frequency. Some patients improve faster than others, but all of them see an improvement in its capillary density.

The patients can develop a little swallow, but this is a skin’s recovery signal. In some points, the nail can produce little marks, but these disappear after 24 hours.

Capillary PRP for female alopecia

The female boldness has also a solution with the capillary PRP. The proceeding is exactly the same both for women and men, but the results in women can be much more visible, because their problem is usually a lack of capillary density. The creation of collagen and the tissue regeneration are increased with this treatment.

Does the capillary PRP hurt?

Many patients of Instituto Médico del Prado asks us if the PRP hurts. It can be annoying, yes, especially when it is poorly performed, but the health staff of our clinic is highly specialized in capillary PRP, performing more than 150 sessions each month. They know how to reduce the pain to the minimum. Before the treatment, we display a special protocol to reduce the annoyances and we have an efficient pain distracting device.

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