Our protocol against Covid

At Instituto Médico del Prado we have always thought that safety is the most important part of any intervention. In the case of hair transplants, even more so. The patient spends many hours in the operating room in direct contact with the technicians and with Dr. Espinosa Custodio.

For this reason, we have developed a complete protocol against COVID that prevents any contagion. All hair transplant patients undergo an antigen test before starting the intervention. In addition, all our employees also regularly undergo these tests. But that is not all. Our protocol starts from your arrival at the clinic.


Arrival at the clinic

During your first phone call or email contact with us, we will inform you of our protocol to prevent contagion. These are the recommendations offered by the Spanish Society of Hair Restoration (SERECAP) and the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME). When you arrive at the clinic we will take your temperature and invite you to wash your hands with hydroalcoholic gel. In the waiting room you must maintain social distance and avoid touching objects. In addition, only one person is allowed as a companion.

In any case, you should postpone your appointment if you have had a fever, cough, diarrhea, tiredness or loss of taste or smell in the last 14 days. Of course, you will not be able to attend the appointment either if you are in isolation due to contagion or due to living with someone infected with the coronavirus.

Each patient has an assigned time with our team, so we ask for punctuality to avoid running into other patients with earlier or later appointments. Both the office and the treatment room are disinfected after each use. During the stay in the clinic, the mask is mandatory for everyone. This should be, at least, surgical, and should always cover the nose and mouth. In addition, we will invite you to take one to the exit to have spare parts available in your day to day.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant surgery already had important hygiene and safety measures, which we have now reinforced to prevent contagion. All staff have a mask and protective clothing, the seats are covered by plastic film and all sanitary materials are used for the first time. In addition, the ventilation in the operating room is constant and the entrances and exits of the same are limited to the maximum.

After any intervention, an exhaustive cleaning of the operating room or treatment room is carried out. All the disposable protections are eliminated and the sanitary material, sterilized. Of course, the patient is provided with clothing and protection throughout the process. The clinic remains closed during the intervention, thus limiting all contacts with the outside world.

The safety of our workers

At Instituto Médico del Prado we want our workers to be fully protected against this disease. For this reason, we comply with all SERECAP recommendations on the health status of hair clinic staff and constantly provide them with surgical masks.

The shifts are staggered, both those of entry and exit and those of meals. We promote social distance by offering different spaces for each task, we take the temperature of all employees every day and we take special care with our workers belonging to vulnerable groups.

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