Radiesse: a masculine look

Tratamientos de radiesse en Madrid

If you want to get back the masculinity of your look, Radiesse is your friend. If you want to boost a manly chain, Radiesse is your friend. Even if you want to make your nose look better, go and get Radiesse in Madrid right now!

Radiesse is the trademark of calcium hydroxylapatite spheres. Calcium hydroxylapatite is a natural component of our body that helps in the creation of collagen. However, we lose it when we grow up. Radiesse is really effective in your mandibular arch, your cheeks and cheekbones.

Radiesse has another task: fill your wrinkles. This is a side-effect of the creation of collagen. It is months-lasting, visible and completely natural.

How does Radiesse work

An aesthetic medicine doctor will make you a diagnosis in order to know if you are suitable for Radiesse. It only needs some basic injections, and its effects are visible at the moment. Each session lasts for 30 minutes and Radiesse benefits are visible for a year. This is because the calcium hydroxylapatite is assimilated by the body.

The effects of Radiesse can be prolonged with new sessions. For this purpose, our aesthetic medical team will develop a custom plan for you.

Benefits of Radiesse

One of the main benefits of Radiesse is the lack of surgery. We can masculinize your mandibular arch or perform a nose modeling with no surgery at all. It is a quick, simple process with no post-surgery period. Radiesse injections cause no discomfort.

There cannot be an allergic reaction to Radiesse, because calcium hydroxylapatite is a natural component which is already in our body. The skin will always get its natural volume and elasticity.

Limitations of Radiesse

As with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, the only limitation of Radiesse is its duration. Radiesse will always be absorbed by your body. This is completely normal and tells us that the treatment has been performed rightly.

Each person will assimilate Radiesse at his/her speed. For this reason, our plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Arenas MD, creates a custom aesthetic plan for each patient, regarding the best products and the right timing for its application.

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Description Rate
Radiesse (per vial) From 449 €

The aesthetic medicine diagnosis carried by Dr. Daniel Arenas has a fee of 70 €. If you decide to get your treatment, this amount will be discounted of the final price.

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