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Doctor Espinosa Custodio

Doctor Hiram Abif Espinosa-Custodio, graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, Mexico with homologation in Spain number 0819494/2011/H07691.

  • Member of the Medical College of Madrid (Collegiate:283311482).
  • Specialist in Family and Community Medicine by the Ministry of Health of the Principality of Asturias (Central University Hospital of Asturias).
  • Master in Medicine and Hair Transplant by the University of Alcalá and Mississippi Institution.
  • Master in Clinical Dermatology from the CEU University of San Pablo.
  • Master in Aesthetic Medicine by the University of Alcalá.
  • Expert in Natural and Holistic Nutrition by the Vital Hygiene Institute.
  • Specialist in Family and Community Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid.
  • Member of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine in the area of Minor Surgery and Clinical Dermatology.
  • Member of the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professional.
  • Member of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME).
  • Professor of the Master of Hair Transplantation of the UCAM Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia.



trasplante capilar madrid
Doctor Espinosa Custodio especialista en trasplante capilar Madrid
Doctor espinosa Custodio especialista en trasplantes capilares en Madrid

Our team

Dr Hiram Espinosa Custodio - Cirujano Capilar - Instituto Médico del Prado - Madrid

Dr. Espinosa
Medical Director

Isidoro Sánchez - Director - Instituto Médico del Prado

Isidoro Sánchez

Dr. Daniel Arenas - Cirujano Plástico - Madrid - Instituto Médico del Prado

Dr. Arenas
Cosmetic Surgeon

doctora ana martin - Instituto Médico del Prado

Dra. Ana Martín

Paula García - Responsable de Enfermería - Instituto Medico del Prado

Paula García
Nursery head

Paula Calzado - Auxiliar de clinica - Instituto Médico del Prado

Paula Calzado
Technical Specialist

Rosa Escobar - Auxiliar de clinica - Instituto Médico del Prado

Rosa Escobar
Technical Specialist

Anastasia Podshivalova - Auxiliar de clinica - Instituto Médico del Prado

Anastasia Podshivalova
Technical Specialist

Miguel Solis - Atención al Paciente - Instituto Médico del Prado

Miguel Solís
Customer Support

Mario Pérez - Marketing & Web Manager - Instituto Médico del Prado

Mario Pérez
Marketing & Web Manager

Our values

Excelencia en medicina capilar 


Our team, led by Dr. Espinosa Custodio, is focused on excellence as a value in clinical practice and in all processes.

We incorporate the latest technologies and proven methods to obtain the best possible results in each case.

Calidad en medicina capilar 


Quality is our hallmark, present at all times in each process.

We take care of both the professionalism and training of our team, as well as the suitability of the products used in each treatment. We work with the main companies in the sector.

Honestidad en medicina capilar 


Each situation and person require an objective and professional assessment that lead to the best indication of treatment, regardless of commercial or other interests. Therefore, we will indicate the most appropriate technique or treatment to achieve optimal and lasting results.

Naturalidad en los resultados de los tratamientos de medicina capilar 


The natural results are those that achieve a situation indistinguishable from what would result from a person without intervening. The experience of our professionals and the techniques we use allow us to achieve results that are not distinguished from your original hair and that leave no visible marks or signs.

Innovación en medicina capilar 


In a field as specialized and in continuous evolution as it is the one of the Hair Medicine it is essential the incorporation of the last advances and the application of new techniques. So we take care and promote the continuous training of our professionals as well as the investigation of new and exclusive techniques.

Atención personal en medicina capilar 


The humane and personalized treatment by all the components of our team facilitates that the whole process of information, decision and treatment be more comfortable and satisfactory.

The quality also lies in putting us in every moment in your place.


The Hair Transplant Unit of Dr. Espinosa Custodio was created with the purpose of giving a global and high quality response to the needs of our patients, obtaining optimal and natural results.


To be a world leader in Hair Medicine, both in hair transplantation and in preventive treatments to solve hair loss problems.

Why Choose Us


Personalized attention during
the whole process

From the first contact with the Hair Unit of Dr. Espinosa Custodio we will treat your case in a personalized way and take care of all the details so that your process is satisfactory.

First diagnostic visit and
free valuation
Excellence in medical practice
All inclusive

Sanitary Registry CS38870

«The professional team of Dr. Espinosa Custodio are specialized in offering an exclusive, honest, high-precision and personalized service to the situation of each patient in order to obtain optimal and totally natural results.»


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